Hatha Flow Yoga - with Kathy Nolan

Sirsasana.  Exit Glacier, Alaska
Are you ready to experience the life-changing benefits of the practice of yoga? Have you already discovered some of what yoga can do to strengthen and relax your body and mind? Perhaps you are looking for an instructor to work with or a place to deepen your practice.
Through regular yoga practice, it is possible to feel more fully awake and alive; more energetic, strong and supple.  In short, we practice yoga because it makes us happy, connected, and peaceful, yet truly vibrant.  I hope we can work together to make your intentions reality - to achieve a strong, flexible, radiantly healthy body, a calm, clear, focused mind, and a soaring, luminous, uplifted spirit - all through the practice of mindful yoga.
Strength and flexibility, greater balance, coordination, ease of movement and healthy vitality are but a few of the visible, physical benefits of yoga. Gradually, through a dedicated yoga practice, we also attain more internal awareness and calm, able to handle everyday stresses, challenges and frustrations with ease and less reactivity.
Whether practicing powerful, faster-paced yoga on a mat or in an aerial yoga hammock, gentle, restorative yoga or aerial 'Bliss', we turn our focus inward, moving with the breath, letting go of distractions, anxieties and self-criticism.  
We look to experience within ourselves a place of stillness and a balance between intense effort and relaxed ease; a place where the mind and body integrate and become one.  Finding that place - that union of body, mind and spirit - is what we strive for in a yoga practice. 
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Please see my Class Schedule and Description of Classes and feel free to contact me with any questions.  I look forward to sharing a yoga practice with you.  Namaste.
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